[TenTec] Omni 6 Filter Question

n8coo@juno.com n8coo@juno.com
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 01:14:00 +0100

Hi Bill,

My Paragon uses the same Ten-Tec 6.3 MHz filters and on mine there is no
greater loss with the 250 Hz filter compared to the 500 Hz.

I'm sure you probably already know this but the 250 Hz filter is pretty
sharp, so you have to make sure your bandpass is peaked correctly.  On my
Paragon it is aligned so at its standard 700 Hz CW offset the knob is
right in the center.  I assume the Omni would be similar.  So I would say
if that is all correct maybe you have a defective filter, although maybe
there could be something wrong with your filter switching.  I would
expect the switching to either work, or not, though...but maybe you could
swap filter positions to verify that.  Perhaps someone else would care to
comment on that possibility before you do anything there, as I'm just
I haven't tried any of the Inrad filters - I have heard many good
comments about them, but I am satisfied with the Ten-Tec filters.  If I'm
not mistaken Inrad makes a 400 Hz filter which would probably be a nice
compromise between the 500 and 250 Hz if one wanted to only buy one
narrow filter.  I use my 500 Hz for CW and RTTY and the 250 Hz for CW,
PSK31, and MFSK16.  

73 de Mark N8COO

On Mon, 09 Sep 2002 18:13:33 -0500 Bill KB9IV <wmarvin@mnic.net> writes:
> Hello, I have a Omni 6 and it has a 6 Mhz 250 Hz filter that has 
> 10-12 dB loss compared to
> the 6 Mhz 500 Hz filter......is this typical??  Are Inrad 9 Mhz 250 
> Hz better for loss or
> do I have a bad filter?  Thanks in advance!
> 73,  Bill
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