[TenTec] confusion about 563 vs 564

KE4TEG ke4teg@bellsouth.net
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 10:47:38 -0400

The term is being used loosely in my opinion. There was
enough of a difference for Ten-Tec to feel the need to roll
the part number on the radio from 563 to 564. Electrically
they are just about the same. And side by side they do just
about the exact same thing. And in my opinion it would be
next to impossible for somebody to tell any on air
difference between the two.

But cosmetically the 564 is superior due to the fact that
everything is a factory first and not a mod. From the knobs
to the silk screen on the front panel. Just as the coming
Orion has suppressed used resale prices for the 564
Omni VI Plus, so has the 564 Omni VI Plus suppressed the
resale prices of the 563 Omni VI option 3. Think of the
563 option 3 as the same model Cadillac as the 564 but
without the factory electric sunroof. There is going to be
a Blue Book difference in price between the two Caddies.
Even if a factory authorized electric sunroof is installed
afterwards, the Caddy with the factory original sunroof will
always have a higher resale value.

73 Keith

At 04:45 PM 09/09/2002 -0400, Ron Pletter wrote:
>I have been off this reflector for more than a year and recently
>resubscribed.  At one time I owned an Omni VI model 563.  I presently own an
>Omni VI Plus model 564.
>But I am finding folks posting to the list model 563 which was upgraded to
>option 3, and are calling it an Omni VI Plus.  Even the used/demo list from
>Ten-Tec uses the terminology "Omni-VI factory upgraded to Omni-VI Plus" for a
>model 563.
>So my question is:  Is a model 563 with Option 3 upgrade now called Omni-VI
>Plus?  Or is the term being used loosely?
>Thanks and 73
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