[TenTec] Jupiter behaviour

Michael A. Newell, WB4HUC mnewell1@austin.rr.com
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 17:22:00 -0500

Try this:

Set up a frequency in one or more memories,
using something less than 6000hz as the filter bandwidth.

Set a frequency into the VFO in the AM mode, using a
6000 or 8000hz filter bandwidth.

Press the M>V button to bring up the memories, and=20
use the MULTI knob to turn to one of the memories using
a filter bandwdith less than 6000hz.

Now, press the ALT or some other key to cancel the M>V
operation. The VFO should return to the AM mode frequency.

Does the filter display have the 6000hz bandwidth displayed,
or does it have the filter bandwidth displayed from the memory

On mine, the display shows 3000hz (for instance) but the
actual filter in use is the 6000hz filter. If I turn the=20
bandwidth knob counterclockwise I see the filter changing
downward from 6000hz, even though the display showed
3000hz before I turned the knob.

It appears that the actual filter in use returns to the original
VFO filter, but the display shows the last memory filter

Anyone else have this? I'm using version 1.23 of the firmware.
If others have the problem, I'll report it to Ten Tec.


Mike - WB4HUC
Austin, TX

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