[TenTec] RE: Confusion About the 563 and 564

W5VPU@aol.com W5VPU@aol.com
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 21:58:27 EDT

       Thanks, Dave, for the lengthy documentation of differences on the 
Omni's. What follows is my story of why I appreciate your comments.
       I had considered an Omni for several years, but every time I was about 
to "pull the trigger" and buy one, out comes another model. Then, when I 
finally had one in the cross hairs, they up and stopped production. By that 
time I had read at least 20 times the details on the various Omni's, the 
Jupiter, and several foreign made rigs. Did this "research" through various 
web sites including the reviews on eham.  So, to get me from my 50 watt Scout 
up to 100 watts with various filters and other enhancements, and "into the 
2100 century" as my adult children and teenage gandchildren encourage, I 
ordered a Jupiter. What a difference!
       In the months since then I have expanded my horizons a zillion miles 
or more. This Reflector has helped and it started only after I bought the 
Jupiter. I found many new ham friends. I may still look for an Omni V or VI 
or VI plus options or VI+ someday. You have afforded me information on what I 
might be buying. 
       Don't give up offering on the Reflector. I quit a different reflector 
on a totally different subject because of the hostility, rejection of 
different ideas, and the unspoken rules the "old timers" had evolved in their 
longevity. My opinion is this: The more we have, the more we have. (Think 
about it) 

73   Raymond Perkins  w5vpu
Oklahoma City, OK

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