[TenTec] Scout module questions

Dave Kamp, KW0D kw0d@netexpress.net
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 21:50:01 -0500

Hi Alan!

Since the reflector is pretty well-laden with dead horses being beaten, but
since you placed a perfectly honest, decent, and straightforward post, I'm
gonna lighten the bitsream a bit, and heckle you with some absurd ham-like

>(1) Some module cases seem to be a bit more snug at sliding into the slot.
>particular these are my 80m and 40m modules. Is this standard or do I need
>lightly sand some of the case down?

--The 80m and 40m modules naturally fit tighter, 'cause there's so many'a
them meters stuffed in 'em.  Be careful not to puncture or crack 'em, lest
some of the meters escape (pronounced ex-cape) and leave you with a 71m or
33m module.

Of course, you could always drill a teeny hole in that 80m module,
carefully let some of 'em out, and avertize the new Scout 60m Module to
cash in on when that smoke-and-mirrors FCC bunch finally gets that
allocation thang turned-on...

>(2) The 10m module seems to not dock properly when inserted all the way 
>(reads 142) but appears to function when inserted about 1/16inch from full 
>docking. Is there an adjustment? (contacts were all cleaned)

The 10m module don't seat all the way 'cause it's a 'high-band'... as
opposed to the 40 and 80m 'low-band' modules, which seat pretty good.  If
you push too hard, you'll sqwarsh them meters down and compress your
passband 'till it kilohertz.

DK  :-}

73's from KW0D Dave in LeClaire, Iowa