[TenTec] Sad Day

Mike Hyder -N4NT- N4NT@charter.net
Fri, 13 Sep 2002 21:01:10 -0400

My Corsair II developed the same problem as described just after I rebuilt
the PTO.  With the external VFO the rig worked correctly.  In my rig the
trouble was with the slug-tuned coil mounted on the circuit board in the
PTO.  The coil's wires had never been soldered to the little ears on the
coil form.  Soldering those wires to the ears cured the trouble.

Mike N4NT

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| Fret not Cecil,
|     Prolems with the digital readout are not uncommon. They are annoying
| be sure, but the thing to check is the board just behind the digital
| readout.
| It is either the electrolytic capacitor that buffers the two chips on the
| bottom right on that board or one of the chips and the cap. has failed.
| I dont have my corsair any longer so i cant be anymore specific. The
| replacement chips and cap are not exotic and should be easy to find or
| replicate. If you have never done this kind of work before, a reputable rf
| tech can handle it. But if you dont know anyone locally, i'd send it to
| It shouldnt be very much money. Certainly a guy who finds 30 acres to live
| on has a resourceful nature.