[TenTec] How to Align an Omni V?

MW0CDO MW0CDO" <gw7lhi@hotmail.com
Sun, 15 Sep 2002 16:21:37 +0100

I would also be interested in this info.

Also of interest would be any info on reducing / eliminating birdies on 10 &
There aren't many of them, but some are 20dB over S9. Strange thing is that
the amplitude varies, and can sometimes be influenced by moving the radio,
so I guess there is an internal grounding issue somewhere. Not all of the
birdies can be influenced, just some.. mainly on 15m.
They are definitely internally generated, some being influenced by the IF
shift / PBT, others not.

I could provide a list of frequency & strength, but OMNI V or V.9 owners
probably know them already.

Any info would be useful.

Paul MW0CDO  ( OMNI V > V.9 )

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> I would like to align my Omni V.9.
> What is the minimum equipment needed?
> What is the procedure?
> 73 de K8HJ
> John
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