[TenTec] re: Pegasus Plus. . . .goodbye

Jeff kb2m Jeff kb2m" <kb2m@dandy.net
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 16:08:04 -0400

 Me and a friend also have a problem with the Pod tuning, I can't get it
right no matter what settings I try. In fact I bought the N4PY s/w because
of this! I wrote the author asking for some input on settings to try and got
no reply. The crash problem seem's to have gone away in the latest version.
Does anyone have any Pod setting's they would like to share, that I could
try? I'm running a Celeron 600 with .5gig of memory...

 73 Jeff kb2m

>  I tried and tried through all the variations and upgrades . . . and
> tried several things the developer said to try, and tuning the Pegasus
> using Pegasus Plus with the remote Pod still stinks