[TenTec] re: Pegasus Plus. . . .goodbye

Rich McCabe rich@1967z28.com
Sun, 15 Sep 2002 20:37:17 -0500


I responded to your email and it was bounced. Can you verify it is correct?
I think your reply to is wrong???

This is what is says kb2m@dandy.net

Looks like the wq is missing.


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Subject: [TenTec] re: Pegasus Plus. . . .goodbye

>  Me and a friend also have a problem with the Pod tuning, I can't get it
> right no matter what settings I try. In fact I bought the N4PY s/w because
> of this! I wrote the author asking for some input on settings to try and
> no reply. The crash problem seem's to have gone away in the latest
> Does anyone have any Pod setting's they would like to share, that I could
> try? I'm running a Celeron 600 with .5gig of memory...
>  73 Jeff kb2m
> >  I tried and tried through all the variations and upgrades . . . and
> > tried several things the developer said to try, and tuning the Pegasus
> > using Pegasus Plus with the remote Pod still stinks
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