[TenTec] Model 234 speech processor for sale.

Edward Crawford w4wvw@msn.com
Sun, 15 Sep 2002 23:03:24 -0400

I have a nice looking 234 speech processor that I will sell if someone ne=
eds one. Heck, I'll sell it even if you don't need one. As I said, it loo=
ks good, very minor scratches on the case, most noticeably on the top fro=
nt edge of the case. Has a small pencil point size dent in the bottom of =
the case about 1 inch back from the front. Works like it should, have nev=
er gotten any nasty audio reports. This is nice for the older TT rigs to =
bring the mic connection out to the front of the station instead of havin=
g to route your mic cable around behind the rig. Accepts 4 pin and 1/4" m=
ic plugs, the cable that connects to the rig has a 1/4" plug installed, c=
an be changed to 4 pin depending on your application. The 4 pin jack supp=
lies voltage needed to operate electret type microphones, if needed. This=
 unit really effectively increases your average power output on SSB; you =
can see the difference on your power meter. 5 to 6 db increase according =
to the TT manual, which is included. Will let this go for $60 plus postag=
e. Thanks for the bandwidth. 73 de Ed W4WVW, Winston Salem NC...

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