[TenTec] How to Align an Omni V?

john johnmb@nc.rr.com
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 20:48:16 -0400

I'd second this. 

There's  a lot to be said for "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".....
Likely more rigs have been shelved due to overzealous application
of a "golden screwdriver" than lack of alignment....

John wb5oau/4

At 03:32 PM 9/16/02 -0500, Stuart Rohre wrote:
>My philosophy on old rigs, is if they are picking up signals well, are in
>frequency calibration with minor adjustment of oscillator trim, and signal
>noise goes down when an antenna is disconnected on any band, there is
>nothing to be gained by tweaking internal adjustments, and much to lose if
>you goof up an alignment.  Simply cleaning many science instruments which
>have coatings of dust and grundge often brings them back to full calibration
>without tweaking a pot, or trimmer cap, or IF can.
>73, Stuart K5KVH
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