[TenTec] dreaded Green postcard

Ken Hopper khopper@uchicago.edu
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 13:08:55 -0500

I guess I would love to have the rig with minimum functionality and  have them
issue weekly firmware upgrades (like the Jupiter :-) that I  could deal with
as incremental improvements. I don't need the  contesting features or
panoramic stereo to begin enjoying the dual  RX. I can live without the
internal tuner or keyer and my Jupiter remote pod  will work just fine on the

I found a novel solution to keep me happy - I ordered the Ten-Tec  1220 2M FM
kit (http://www.tentec.com/Tk1220.htm) and will build it and enjoy setting it
up over the next few weeks. Yes, I know the argument is that you can buy an HT
at a hamfest for $25, but I get a great deal of pleasure out of building a rig
and I am willing to pay for that entertainment value. For me, the price is
right and the kit has a history of delivering fun and good  performance on the
repeaters. Dave Benson will have his "son of DSW"  or the "DSW-II" out in a
month or so and we can hack at it too. The  Rock-Mite is gaining in popularity
and there is a beautiful new  anodized case for the QRPp crowd. So many nice
diversions while  waiting for the new Orion.

de ken n9vv