[TenTec] Little Green Cards

Jeff Davis ke9v@comcast.net
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 17:09:13 -0500

Even with the green card announcement you suckers, er, unpaid beta
testers, er, "early adopters" should still have lots of time to get
the bugs ironed out in time for me to get a fully functional Orion at
the Dayton Hamvention next year. You can fight over serial number
0000001 but I just want one that works out of the box! :-)

For what its worth, I just got the October QST and there is a full
page advert for the Argosy so TT must be pretty sure the thing is
going to hit the October ship date. I guess we will know for sure soon
as October is just around the corner. If that holds true then it will
be interesting to see a full page ad for the Orion in the November

73 de Jeff