[TenTec] using Delta II w/6 meter transverter?

Duane Grotophorst n9dg@yahoo.com
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 20:49:44 -0700 (PDT)

Consider a transverter for 2M. That will give me
another easy to work 2M station from EN53 :).

Seriously though it would give you a real good sense
of how a transverter will work without duplicating
equipment for 6M. Then you can make your own judgement
if the transverter route is better for you or not. If
the difference isn't what you're expecting or hoping
for you can keep on using the DX70TH for 6M but you
will then be equipped for SSB/CW work on 2M in
addition to 6M. On the other hand if you really do
like the way the transverter works better than the
DX70TH you can still buy one for 6M as well, you will
just have to start saving up the pennies again.

This seemingly convoluted path is what I essentially
did unintentionally when I bought/built the DEM unit
for 222MHz, I was so pleased with its performance I've
since gone with additional DEM units for 6M, 2M and
soon 70cm, they are all replacing some pretty modern
imported all mode boxes.

Also keep in mind that transverters can be used with
most any other rig, even if for some reason the Delta
II doesn't get the job done.


--- Peg Haese <haesem@uwplatt.edu> wrote:
> Has anyone used a Delta II with a 6 meter
> transverter? Would the 
> performance be better than our current Alinco DX
> 70TH for CW and SSB DX and 
> grid locator chasing?
> We have the Delta and would prefer not to invest in
> a better dedicated rig 
> at present. We are working on a better antenna.
> Peg KB9LIE and Paul K9OT
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