[TenTec] How to Align an Omni V?

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Thu, 19 Sep 2002 19:22:51 +0100

You're all quite right, there's nothing worse than having to fix someone's
recently tweaked radio.

Fortunately, I have access to all the necessary gear to do this, and plenty
of hardware component level diagnosis / repair experience.

My OMNI doesn't need aligning per se, tho' the band xtals are all around
200Hz off but this is software fixable thanks to Carl's V.9 processor

My interest was purely an info gathering exercise.. for when I need it!


PS: I found around 240 RX spurii on my Omni V between 29.700 and 1.810,
which are in the process of being keyboarded into an Excel sheet.
Do you still have your list Bob?
Most of them are insignificant, and wouldn't cause you to miss a signal. I
was being hyper critical when I swept the bands!

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> Stuart is absolutely correct on this one.   I've observed that most will
> to tweak a rig to see if it needs tweaking.  If it doesn't need tweaking,
> don't tweak it.
> Should one determine that a radio is out of alignment then it should be
> aligned.  However, one must first determine that alignment is need without
> tweaking first.  Now how does one go about this?  Measure specs,
> sensitivity, bandpass response, S/N ratio, image rejection and etc.  If
> can't make these measurements then you don't have the proper equipment to
> align or tweak it either.
> 73
> Bob K4TAX
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> > My philosophy on old rigs, is if they are picking up signals well, are
> > frequency calibration with minor adjustment of oscillator trim, and
> > noise goes down when an antenna is disconnected on any band, there is
> > nothing to be gained by tweaking internal adjustments, and much to lose
> > you goof up an alignment.  Simply cleaning many science instruments
> > have coatings of dust and grundge often brings them back to full
> calibration
> > without tweaking a pot, or trimmer cap, or IF can.
> > 73, Stuart K5KVH
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