[TenTec] New FCC Database software

Mark Erbaugh mark@microenh.com
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 15:41:06 -0400

I have just uploaded a program that maintains a searchable, local copy of
the the FCC callsign database to my ham radio website at
www.microenh.com/~n8me . Using the program, once the data has been imported,
you can search for a callsign, a name or a ZIP code.

The program can import name, address, call and license class and status
information from the FCC database. To get started, you need to download the
full database file (about 40 meg) from the FCC site and import that data,
and this takes a while. Once that data is imported, you can keep the data up
to date using the daily updates posted on the FCC site. This takes just a
few minutes a week (it needs to be done at least once a week as the FCC
overwrites the daily update files each week). Detailed instructions are
included in the documentaion.

The package also includes a replacement HAMCALL.DLL that can replace the
HAMCALL.DLL provided with the TenTec Pegasus control software or the N4PY
software that will enable the callsign lookup features of these programs to
use this database.

The program is available free for the download. Note, the download does not
contain any callsign data. That must be obtained from the FCC website.

Mark, N8ME