[TenTec] For Sale

David Barlow Davebarlow36@msn.com
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 21:12:26 -0500

Good Evening,

I have the following items for sale for your consideration:

1. Ten Tec Centurion Amplifier - Model 422
    This is absolutely MINT- not just new  !  It is absolutely Full Legal=
 Limit.  I have the
    10 meter switch modification ( never installed- but easy to do).   It=
 is 1 yr old - =20
    purchased from Ten Tec.  I have turned it on 4 or 5 times with less t=
han 30 minutes of
    use.  I have all original boxes and manuals and original receipt. I a=
m asking $ 1500.00 =20
    for it plus shipping and insurance.

2. Ten Tec Hercules II/ 9420 P/S - model # 420 Solid State Linear Amplifi=
er =20
     This is in excellent condition.  There are no dings or scratches.  I=
 also have the          Ten  Tec   Supply Model 9420 that I will sell wit=
h it.  I have 1 -  264 Cable, 1 - 236 Cable and 2 - 9422 DC Cables.  I al=
so have the following NEW cosmetic spare parts;
    1 - top cover, 1 - Front Panel, 1 - Extrusion,a set of end caps, some=
 bulbs and knobs.
    I have all shipping cartons and manuals.  I am asking $1500.00 for th=
e complete
    package - plus shipping and insurance.

3.  RF Power Meter
     This is a Wm. M. Nye Co. Inc. 3000 Watt Power Meter.  It has the 500=
0 watt =20
     coupler that came with it.  I purchased this new and it has had very=
 little use.  =20
     It is in LIKE NEW condition and works the same.  The 4 AA re-chargea=
ble =20
     batteries in it are new. I will also include a new set of re-chargea=
ble batteries
     with it.  I am asking $450.00 for this meter plus shipping and insur=
ance.  I have the =20
     original manual and or instructions for the operation and use of thi=
s meter as well as
     the shipping carton.  =20

If interested in any of the above please contact me by either phone or em=

My name is Dave  - WA6CQJ
phone # - 760-256-3359  - Barstow, Ca
email address - Davebarlow36@msn.com - email pictures are available =20

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