[TenTec] Lots of stuff still for sale - QRP, Ten-Tec, VHF, antenna stuff, Ramsey COM3, CW implements, much more

Scott Rosenfeld [N7JI] ham@w3eax.umd.edu
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 01:09:26 -0400 (EDT)

The sale is going swimmingly; sadly, only about 15% of the goodies are
gone so far.  I will note that the THP-750 and Jones paddles are gone.  
But read on...


Ramsey COM3 - say what you will about Ramsey, but it's a decent service
monitor for the price.  Have used it to align many a radio.  1-1000 MHz, 
variable modulation, case/handle and pager decode options.  120 VAC 
and also has internal NiCd battery.  18 lbs, "portable."

Measures deviation & freq., RF/audio freq., and generates AM/FM with 
and without 1 kHz tone of variable amplitude. Rx AM & FM and outputs
audio to internal speaker.					$1600

HF STUFF (QRP and filters and otherwise)

Ten-Tec filters - 218, 288					$70 ea.

Radio Shack HTX-100 10m SSB/CW mobile, good cond. w/box		$125

Oak Hills Research "Classic," 20/40m QRP CW rig.  Some scrapes but works
well.  Electronic keyer installed.  W/manual.			$155

Ten-Tec 1340, great phys. cond, not quite working.  		$70

Radio Shack DX-394 desktop SW receiver.  Has BFO, digital tuning, 
several timers, lots of other features.  Excellent condition.	$170


Heathkit HD1416 code oscillator					$15
Ham Radio Center HAM KEYER HK5A					$50
MFJ 422B piggyback keyer for Bencher paddle			$50
Vectronics CK200 electronic keyer				$50
MFJ-407B deluxe electronic keyer (Curtis 8044)			$50
Vibroplex Brass Racer w/Curtis 8044 keyer EK-1, triangle	$125
Vibroplex Brass Racer, no keyer, triangle			$100
Whiterook MK-33 single lever paddle				$12
Paddlette MK-1 iambic paddle					$35
Nye Viking Master Key Straight Key				$50
J-38 knockoff w/knee mount					$25
Kent twin paddle (iambic)			offers considered
Ham Radio Center HAM KEY Iambic paddle		offers considered
Ham Radio Center HAM KEY Straight key		offers considered


MFJ 901B 200w 160-10m tuner.  No meters, very compact. 		$55
Nye Viking Lowpass filter (cylindrical) - HF.			$25
B&W FL-6/100 Lowpass for 6m.					$20
Drake TV-42-LP lowpass filter.  VERY sturdy. 			$30
BUD LF601A adjustable lowpass (52-72 ohms) - have 2, one with box. 
								make offer!

VHF radios and accessories

TWO Radio Shack HTX-212 50w 2m mobile FM, excellent condition,
in box w/manual, mic.						$120 ea.

ONE Radio Shack HTX-212 50w 2m mobile w/mic.  I marked it as NG
and don't remember why.  Anyway, time to sell!			$75

TWO Alinco DJ-F1T 2m HTs w/extended RX range.  Good condition.  Comes
w/three batteries, two chargers, one box, one manual, speaker-mic, 
car adaptor, two antennas (one bent but working).		$225 for all

TWO Yaesu FT-50R/FTT-12 handhelds (2m/440 MHz) w/box, manuals.   
Wideband RX, mil-spec construction, digital voice recorder,
in excellent condition with the following:

	NC-50 dual slot rapid charger w/CA-14 sleeves
	Periphex NC-601 rapid charger
	PA-17 battery extender
	SEVEN (yes, 7) FNB-41 batteries
	THREE FNB-40 batteries
	ONE FNB-49 battery
	ONE FNB-47 (high capacity) battery
	ONE FNB-15 battery case
	TWO MH-34 speaker mics
	ONE EDC-34 filtered power cord
	ADMS-1D programming software and cable

This would cost over $1100 if purchased today (and it can be at any 
major ham retailer!).  Offers considered on parts or entire package.

Yaesu FT-470 2m/440 HT.  Excellent condition, dual receive, tone 
encode/decode.  With:

	PA-6 car adaptor (3 of them!)
	MH18A2B speaker mic
	7.2v 1200 mAh battery
	FBA-17 battery case (2)
	NC-28B charger (2)
	12v 600 mAh battery
	Novex BC20 5-hour drop-in charger, w/box

Sell entire package for $255.

THREE Radio Shack HTX-202 2m HTs and ONE ICOM 2AT 2m thumbwheel HT.
Comes with:

	Icom BC-35 drop-in rapid charger
	W&W 8.4v 1400 mAh battery
	Icom DC-1
	Icom speaker mic
	TWO Radio Shack alkaline battery cases
	TWO Radio Shack NiCd batteries
	Icom BP-3

Asking $285 for all of the above.  Yes, four radios.  If you want fewer, 
let me know and I'll consider breaking it apart.

Radio Shack PRO-2039 200 channel base scanner, cell blocked.
Exc. cond. in box.						$150

Larsen AD2/70 200w PEP duplexer for 2m/440 MHz.			$30
SY25D 2m/440 duplexer.						$22
Comet CF360 duplexer - HF/49-470 MHz				$45
Alinco EDC-36 cigarette lighter cable		mk offer
Alinco EMS-8 speaker/mic for DJ-580T		mk offer
Alinco battery for DJ-580T			mk offer
Icom CP-13 filtered power cord			mk offer
Alinco EJ-19U memory unit for DR-610T		mk offer
Maldol AH-209 stubby 2m/440 antenna (BNC)	mk offer
Kenwood 2m/440 MHz BNC antenna			mk offer 
Alinco 2m/440 MHz BNC antenna			mk offer
Generic Japanese 2m/440 MHz BNC antenna	(2)	mk offer
Comet SMA3 2m/440 SMA antenna (3)				$25 ea	


MFJ-432 Voice keyer, excellent cond w/box & manual. $120 new.
	Infrequently used (operate mostly CW)			$80
Radio Shack DSP-40 DSP/speaker unit.  5w audio amp, w/box. (2)	$35 ea
Alinco EDS-4 remote kit for DX-70T, in box.			$30
Alinco EDS-5 8-pin mic extension cable, in box (2)		$25 ea
JPS NIR-10 digital audio processor, ex. cond.			$125
Autek QF-1A audio filter, very good shape (2)			$45 ea

VHF amps 

Non-working Radio Shack HTA20, don't remember why not wkg.	$20
Mirage B23 30w 2m amp, on/off switch installed, VG cond.	$55
RF Concepts VHF-1-60 2m HT amplifier, 1w in gives 60w out.	$130
  (designed for FM but who knows, modifiable for class AB?)

Hannah (now 4 mos. old) got her first nasty cold today and let's just 
say it's an "experience."

Offers and package deals considered.

Scott Rosenfeld  ARS N7JI
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