[TenTec] Ten Tec Hamfest update with pictures

Bill Taylor(W4WBT) w4wbt@fmci.net
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 19:46:23 -0400

OK Guys, hot off the Nikon D100 and iPhoto from Apple and my iBook.
First some comments:
No rain only dark skys. Saturday should be real nice so come on over!

Orion not on table until exactly 5PM. Scott came out with one 
carrying it like a new born baby and I think Larry had the other one 
(there are 2!!) Scott put it on the table and turned it on. First it 
worked and second you will be amazed at the audio out of the built in 
speaker(it is at least 5". Also notice from the picture that the band 
spectrum display is active at all times that it is turned on. I did 
not look at it when transmitting so not sure what it does them. I am 
sure that others will post who had more operational time after 
tonight. Scott put it on the table and said "break it guys" and 
walked off with this grin on his face. Well all were pushing buttons 
turning knobs with absolutely no instructions other than the markings 
on the knobs. When I left, they were both still working. One is on 20 
meters and the other is on 75 I think. Others may have more comments 
later tonight. I will post Market pictures late sat night. You can 
see big pictures by clicking on the thumbnails. If you use these 
anywhere please give "W4WBT Photos" credit.
Bill Taylor

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