[TenTec] Orion SSB QSO with KF6DX!!

Ken Hopper khopper@uchicago.edu
Sat, 28 Sep 2002 07:00:32 -0500

     ZOWIE! Friday a.m. 10:30 first ORION --> JUPITER QSO in my log. Doug
Smith got on an ORION in the Lab and we had a real nice session on 14.181. I
want you guys to know that I made a great leap forward and I took my 705 MIC
out of it's "prophylactic" plastic bag and hooked it up just for this QSO :-) 

     The ORION sounded FANTASTIC.  Lots of Hi-Fi audio from that setup and
Doug didn't yet have it optimized for his voice or anything special. Very good
quality and rock solid stability. The VOX or PPT was "silky smooth" as we QSK
ops say <g> and the power (100W) was knocking me off my chair. Had to use a
wet noodle for an ANT on RX (hihi).

     CONGRATS to the Engineering team on this milestone.  I hope that all the
guys at the Hamfest get a chance to spin a knob and make a similarly great 
contact on the new rig. 

Jack, keep them whipped into shape! Looking fwd to November deliveries :-)
Keep up the good work Ten-Tec!

de ken n9vv