[TenTec] Last of Hamfest pictures

Troy Wideman w6hv@surfbest.net
Sat, 28 Sep 2002 17:33:49 -0700

 Thanks for some truly great pictures! If I only still lived back in
Montgomery, AL. I would have been able to drive up there to see the real
Troy, W6HV
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> Forgot to remind you that you can "click" on the small pictures and
> get a larger single picture "suitable for fraiming"
> bt
> At 7:53 PM -0400 9/28/02, Bill Taylor(W4WBT) wrote:
> >When I left, all Orions were still working and on the air. One had
> >to go to the radio hospital last night for about 15 minutes for
> >minor changes. The radio "would have already shipped but the AV got
> >in the way".
> >I too heard the operational description of the radio. Basically it
> >is a Omni receiver up to the digital output of the IF. However many
> >changes in AGC and design. For Security reasons, we should not talk
> >in particulars. Everyone who has ordered one will be happy. I do
> >expect a flurry of software updates at first as there was on the
> >jupiter and the RX350. This will be mainly around operation features
> >and button combinations that may not work as planned.
> >
> >On the way home on highway 226 outside of shelby, nc I had to stop
> >for gas and wild turkey.
> >Have fun with the pictures.
> >The second day starts with the obvious night flash picture. that was
> >taken at 6am this morning as set up had already started.
> >Again all pictures taken with Nikon d100-24 to74 f2.8 zoom,iPhoto
> >picture handling.
> >
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