[TenTec] HamFest & Argonaut V

Ken Kirkley no4d@charter.net
Sat, 28 Sep 2002 17:20:54 -0400

http://www.northspartan.org/tentec.html for pictures

Welp...just got back home from the radio mecca of the 
southeast...Sevierville, TN. Went up again this year to be a part of a very 
enjoyable hamfest and gathering. Was special this year in that TenTec was 
putting its 2 newest radios on tables for anxious fingers to play with. The 
Orion and the Argonaut V were brought out to the operating tent at 5:00pm 
on Friday. All eyes were turned in their direction. Amazingly I was able to 
slip in through the tent flap to one of the tables as the radios were being 
set up. Even more amazing was the fact that I was the first one to operate 
the Argonaut V at that table. As a matter of fact, to my knowledge, I was 
the first to make a contact with either one of the Argonauts (were two of 
them)! WOW!!!

I was able to spin the tuning knob using both the slow tuning mode and the 
fast tuning mode until I found a QSO on 14.264. While waiting for a chance 
to throw in my callsign I fiddled some with the buttons on the front panel. 
Set the rig for full power (20 Watts) and IMpatiently waited for a chance 
to call. At approximately 5:30pm I threw my call out and was thrilled to 
hear KE1MB, Joe, from MA answer me. Had a quick 5 minute QSO with him. 
Received a great audio report on the Argonaut V. He was impressed with what 
it was doing on 20 watts into a G5RV antennae.

My impression of the Argonaut V was, "Stan, can't I please go ahead and 
bring mine home while I am at TENTEC?" Unfortunately, he told me that I 
would still have to wait for it to be shipped in October. :(  For those 
wondering, the tuning knob is a heavy hunk of zinc that had a great feel to 
it. It had a finger hole if needed for quick spinning. But, with the fast 
tune enabled (FUNC key then FAST key) you really fly across the band. I was 
only able to spend about 5-10 minutes with the rig due to others who wanted 
their turn. <grin>, but the time I spent with it was rewarding. The 
controls were all very intuitive. Was able to do what I wanted without the 
aid of a 10 lb manual. The receive audio was very good.

Be sure to check out my pictures at http://www.northspartan.org/tentec.html 
. These pictures will not appear on a menu anywhere. Only way to them is by 
typing in the address or clicking on the link.

What a great trip!
Ken/NO4D (who is awaiting the delivery truck in October)

Oh, by the way, that is me on the bottom line of pictures with the 
microphone in my hand and the grin on my face!