[TenTec] Omni VI Plus freq. readout

George, W5YR w5yr@att.net
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 11:20:22 -0500

Not my job, Mike!   <:}

I have no axe to grind one way or the other about dial calibration
accuracy. I happen to enjoy operating quality equipment that is accurately
calibrated and retains that calibration. But, probably more people than not
could care less what the dial reads as long as they can work who and what
they want to. Nothing at all wrong with that.

I cut my ham radio teeth back in the mid-40's with an HRO-5TA1 which used a
dial with 1/4" hash marks. Each band covered from 50 to 450 on the dial so
the frequency calibration per hash mark varied from band to band. That dial
was virtually useless for determining frequency closer than 5 - 10 KHz. In
order to stay "legal" I used a surplus BC-221 as a frequency meter to keep
up with actual received and transmitted frequencies.
But, the HRO dial was useful because you knew that such-and-such a station
or net usually came on with the dial set at 237 or some such number. Good
enough . . .

My personal interest in one-Hz accuracy comes largely from the fact that I
use the PRO as a signal generator for a number of purposes. Having the
capability to both receive and transmit signals to one-Hz resolution - and
accuracy after comparison with WWV - has proved to be a great convenience.

But, I have no idea as to what your operating interests might happen to be
so I cannot address why *you* need to know your frequency.

In any event, I was merely responding to the assertion that no JA rig could
afford better dial accuracy than other rigs which have been described
recently as having 10-20 Hz calibration errors.

73/72, George    
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Mike Hyder -N4NT- wrote:
> Would someone kindly explain to me why I need to know my frequency with such
> precision?