[TenTec] Is this how it's done today?

Ariel M. Elam k4aal at comcast.net
Sat Aug 30 01:33:06 EDT 2003

Hi Chip -- 

Congrats on getting back into Ham Radio. I have been out, too, but that
was a LONG time ago in the 60's.

I have bought and sold items on this reflector for several years and
have never been involved in a transaction like the one you wrote about.
All have been straight forward and honest. Every item has been
represented as it actually was. Every offer to buy has been acknowledged
and accepted or rejected. Even when I made an offer of less than the
asking price, I stayed on the top of the reply list until negotiations
were completed. I did not always buy if the price was not to my liking,
but never had an item sold "out from under me".

On items over about $150, I like to talk on the phone to consummate the
deal. I always like to send a cashier's check. They come free at my
bank, and the seller knows they are good.

The above also applies to sales and trades made on other lists, except
for one trade. I think the other party ran out of money. He was in the
Military. A certified letter to his commanding officer with all our
correspondence from a 4 month time frame got my radio shipped back to me
quickly. I do not use e-Bay.

Please stay with the reflector. I have found that the TT people that I
have dealt with are on the plus side when in a transaction. There will
be other amps.

Ariel M. Elam, K4AAL

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