[TenTec] Scout modifications

Ben K8DIT benk8dit at serv.net
Tue May 13 15:49:02 EDT 2003

Paul, Im going to presume the question is directed to me. Yes, 50W is enough
power output in a mobile to make the distance. More is better. Twice any
given power is 3db in signal gain in theory. Nothing to be sneezed at when
mobiling considering the inherant inefficiencies of mobile hf. So its
relative to what you expect for any given condx.
Ive used 100W rigs in the car w/o any more results, but its an arguement
as to the relative band condx and propogation in a given location on any
given day. I will say that putting a mobile amp in line to triple and a
third the output will be dramatic in improvement over 50 or 100W. When condx
are not good tho, even 1000W wont buy you satisfaction. When condx are nice
and you hear lots of signals while mobiling, usually only the guy with a
gain antenna at home is going to hear you on the higher bands. On 160-40,
the time of day may play a part in how well you are heard at any given power
level. But when 50W is given a fair shot on any given band playing
the band with skill and patience pays off. Ive had many satisfying cw and
ssb qsos with the 50w mobile to mobile on days I never expected to be heard.
The above is a generalization and not intended to be authoritative by any
stretch. I do like the Scout for mobile work and I use an AmCom Clearspeech
speaker with it. Once in a while Ill throw the metron in the car and have a
blast with it. The Metron does not work well on cw as the relay in the amp
gets bogged down not meant to be qsk.

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