[TenTec] F.S. TenTec Argonaut II QRP transceiver

Joe W2KJ w2kj at bellsouth.net
Sun May 18 18:08:44 EDT 2003

Howdy Gang:

I have for sale an Argonaut II QRP transceiver.  This digital
radio is in collector/museum condition without a scratch,
ding, dent or any imperfection of any kind.  I replaced the
backlight with a new TenTec unit with 50,000 hours MTBF.

The radio covers 160m thru 10m with  SSB/CW/AM/RTTY/FM with
outstanding QSK and also covers from 100Khz to 29.999.99Mhz
general coverage.  It is an outstanding Shortwave receiver.

Will sell the radio for $600 plus shipping.  Thanks for
reading and enjoy the hobby.

And now if the new Orion will only show up this week.

                                73, Joe W2KJ
                                North Carolina

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