[TenTec] An Orion Oops??

nq5t at attbi.com nq5t at attbi.com
Mon May 19 00:37:59 EDT 2003

That is a pretty big oops .. Easy to imagine how the person at the assembly 
station could grab the wrong connector, but not so easy to imagine how the 
error wouldn't get caught at the next step -- whether it is discreetly wired by 
hand (which would almost have to be the case), or a PC mount.  And then get 
passed QC inspection on top of that.

Hope T-T finds a way to take care of this without having to ship your Orion 
back ....

There is a thing or two that one can't fix with a firmware update :-)

> Yep,  that solved the tune button issue;  but,  it didn't
> replace the 8 pin DIN for a 5 pin one,  hi.

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