[TenTec] Pegasus TX problem redeux

Jeff Griffin kb2m at comcast.net
Wed May 21 21:05:21 EDT 2003

  I'm having a strange problem with my Peg. I noticed that it wouldn't transmit on 17 to 10 meters, even though the red tx light was on, but no RF. 160 to 20 meters transmitted FB. I was testing this morning to see if the Peg was pulling current even though it wasn't putting out RF. I set the power out to 20 watts or so I found that it is pulling 18 amps or so,but not putting out any RF on the bad band's. On the good band's it is putting out 20 watts or so into a dummy load and pulling about 7 amps. All with a carrier mode. I was surprised to note that for a time  the problem existed only on 12 and 10 meters! 17 and 15 meters were  working. A few week's ago it started working on all band's, then went back to 160 to 20 meters. Does anyone have a clue as to what might be going on? What I'm looking for is a single point of failure in the 10m to 17m area of the band pass filter, but then I remember that it also worked for a short time on 10/12m AND 160/20m! I'm having trouble reading the schematics as I don't have a very clear copy of them.  Now it is transmitting on 160 to 20 meters again. I just took it apart and looked for cold solder joint's, didn't find any.  Thanks in advance, for any useful suggestion's.

 73 Jeff kb2m

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