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Ken & Linda Burrough w8keb at 1st.net
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Hello Clark, William and Bill

Add me to the list of NoWay Yahoo!  I received one of the first Argonaut V's and the Argonaut V Yahoo Group started.  I was warned by N4LQ, Steve about the Spam on Yahoo and he was right.  I filled in their "privacy policy" stating not to give out any of my info, well guess what, I started getting SPAM, and not just the common type like "We have the morgue rate for you".  I was getting PORN, everything from "making me the envoy of all" to "make her happy by lasting longer".

It has taken me from October to now and I still get SPAM, only two or three a day but it is still SPAM.  I am not a member of the Argonaut V Yahoo Group now and when I get my Orion I will not be a member of the Orion Yahoo Group.

The Old Buzzard in Flushing, Ohio


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  Hello Clark,
      My sentiments exactly concerning Yahoo!  In my opinion- - -Yahoo has
  absolutely NO problem passing "The Oreck Challenge"!!!   I had my (BAD)
  experiences with Yahoo and refuse to have anything to do with it.  Too bad
  that the Orion group is there.  Nothing, not even the Orion group, will EVER
  get me back on Yahoo!  73, Bill

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