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Carl Moreschi n4py at earthlink.net
Sun May 25 00:44:55 EDT 2003

Tentec say a 22 amp supply will get you 100 watts if you have a low SWR.
You may need as much as 25 amps with a higer SWR on some bands.  I think the
962 is rated at 22 amps but I'm not sure.  I'm using and astron 35M and
rarely have I seen the supply put out more than 20 amps for 100 watts.

Carl Moreschi N4PY
Franklinton, NC
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Okay, I can't stand it any longer, I am seriously considering buying an
Orion.  I only have one question for the moment.  Will the PS962 that I am
now using with my Omni VI OptIII work properly with the Orion.  I don't care
about matching the Orions color scheme...and I saw some reference to a
larger PS being advisable(?)

The only reason I ask...to buy the Orion, I'm going to have to sell the Omni
VI, I am fast running out of room here and I can't justify having the Omni
and the Orion....and I don't want to sell the power supply just to turn
around and buy another one.

Besides, selling the Omni will make the XYL happier....she doesn't know what
all this stuff is, but I keep catching her in the shack counting how many
pieces of equipment are visible.....VISIBLE being the key word.....

Mike - KC8WR
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