[TenTec] Photos of Orion Stations

Jim Reid jimr.reid at verizon.net
Thu May 29 14:41:34 EDT 2003

> Do you think you will have a use for the RX340 once you 
> get up to speed on the Orion?  

Hi Mark,

Well,  right now I am using it as the "sub rcvr" along with
the Orion.  This is possible with Carl's (N4PY) software
for Orion control.  Requires a bit of a short wire job inside
the Orion;  need a tiny solder iron,  and very steady hands,  hi.
Sharp eyes are a necessity as well!

This brings the antenna input for the Orion "internal" sub
rcvr out to the spare RCA jack on the Orion back panel.
This is then the antenna input connection,  using RG-154
coax,  from the Orion to the RX-340.  Carl then provides
ten (10) different combinations,  via his software,  for
the use of the Orion Main,  Orion Sub, and the 340,
each being the "main" radio,  only radio,  or "sub"
radio and every combination/permutations thereof!
Except,  the 340 never transmits,  hi.

Not sure when/if I will tire of fooling around with this stuff,
and actually begin some useful application,  hi.  Orion has
only been here just short of a full two weeks,  and have
had the "integrated" set up going for a few days less
than that,  so actually am not in position to make any
firm determinations as yet,  hi.

73,   Jim  KH7M

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