[TenTec] Orion's lack of color

Keith Lodahl lodahlkh at charter.net
Sun Oct 12 07:41:29 EDT 2003

Thats fine.  Ten Tec can't possibly make radios for everyone.  For those
that wobbly knobs and a black and white screen are show stoppers need to buy
what makes them happy.  Those of us who like the impressive on air
performance of Ten Tec rigs, and who are committed to buy American made
equipment, will stick with our preference.  It is America where we have the
right to choose.

Keith Lodahl
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> > Please, not this again...  How many QSO's do you
> > make with your eyes?  All of mine are using my ears...
> > If you want a color display, please buy and IC-756Pro2 and
> > tune it to Oprah while I work the stuff it can't hear!  <ggg>
> >From what I saw this weekend at the W5 DX BASH
> (http://www.dxbash.com/), a
> lot of folks probably will - buy the Icom.  An Orion and a Pro 2 were
> side-by-side at the operating positions, and I spent about two
> hours Friday
> and about two more today watching the goings-on.  The Pro 2 operating seat
> was rarely empty.  I arrived early to get a chance at the Orion, but that
> turned out to have been unnecessary.  The Orion comments focused
> on the b/w
> screen, the wobbly tuning knobs, the price, and the slow encoder tuning
> rate - even when set to "fast" in the "other" menu.  The Icom comments
> focused on how they fixed the bugs and design issues in the 756 Pro by
> bringing out the Pro 2 while  not doing anything to remedy those who
> purchased the original Pro.  Operationally, I don't recall any negatives
> voiced about the Pro 2.  Lately I have noticed that my 6+ is working more
> and more Pro 2's during 40 meter CW ragchews, and I've yet to
> work a single
> Orion.
> 73, John
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