[TenTec] FS- OmniV.9, Matching PS, Matching Speaker, Acces.

Danny Shaver n5nbk at nortexinfo.net
Tue Oct 14 14:36:37 EDT 2003

I am going to sell my Omni V.9 station, since I have received my new Orion. Station consists of the OmniV with the .9 upgrade, with the matching power supply/speaker,  and matching outboard speaker. Also comes with extra power cord, computer cable, and an extra 9 mhz. 2.4 filter. Radio has all the 6 mhz filters (2.4,1.8,.5, and .25) and the 1.8 narrow 9 mhz filter. All are in excellent cosmetic and electrical condition. Manual has the .9 update material in it. $1000.00 plus shipping.- Thanks, Dan N5NBK

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