[TenTec] Pegasus Software Button Colors

Guy Zebrick gwzmcz at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 19 19:09:31 EDT 2003

Another pet peeve resolved...

I used the default Windows color scheme on my cheap laptop that I use with my Pegasus, and was having a tough time getting the background & text colors of the control buttons to show up clearly. Even though Carl's wonderful N4PY software lets you pick a font color for both selected and un-selected buttons, the light gray BACKGROUND color was too light any good color combinations. 

If you go the properties of the main windows screen, select the Appearance tab, then select the 3D Object item, you'll be able to change the color of the 3d items. The Pegasus radio buttons FOLLOW the color of this 3D object item. Change the color, apply (save) and then re-start the Pegasus software. You may have to close it and start it twice.

I just selected a slightly darker gray, and now my non-selected buttons text is black, and the selected buttons text is bright white & all are very easy to read.

Hope this helps someone.


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