[TenTec] I almost made it through w/Orion

Jeff Griffin jeff.griffin at comcast.net
Mon Oct 27 19:56:24 EST 2003

 I wasn't concerned about the  s/w d/l problem, I just mentioned it as a
minor inconvenience. I was concerned about the rf?, blowing the Orion's f/w
memory away. By the way the Orion is well grounded, I in my former post was
talking about the antenna selected. The antenna erroneously selected was a
1/4 wave inverted L on 160m, that works (on 160m) well enough to work EU
with 1kw. It was resonant on 40m, but doesn't work well on 40m! It is coax
fed. All is well in SNJ Orionland tonight....

73 Jeff kb2m

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>  You must be using windows xl200 try downloads on windows 98 and that
> problem should go away
> John W4rte
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> Subject: [TenTec] I almost made it through w/Orion
> > Whew, what a great contest. My Orion with Carl's software performed
> > flawlessly. The receive on weak sig's next to strong one's is
> unbelievable!
> > I was having a problem with my 40m antenna setup, I suspect I'm getting
> some
> > RF into the shack on one of my antennas. I experienced this last night,
> the
> > Orion would suddenly change bands while I was transmitting. Well I
> my
> > goal by late morning, took a break and then just worked pileups for the
> > multiplier's. Later on I decided to check my ground system then try to
> work
> > 40m again. All was going well , worked several EU's on 40m, then it
> happened
> > again. I jumped frequency, and the Orion started acting sluggish. Turn
> > main tuning knob, and the freq would lag behind on the display. Also the
> > sweep display would take over 10 seconds to start, normally it is under
> > second. Also some of the indicator lights on the front wouldn't light. I
> > then did a  reset, both ways, nogo. I had to reinstall the 1.365
> I
> > had com errors first try, second try went ok. Also, every first time I
> > to install latest firmware, I get a 'firmware not for Pegasus' message.
> Now
> > I used to own a Peg so I'm assuming there is a reference to it in a
> > INI file somewhere? This happens every time I do a firmware update now.
> > After the reinstall, I then lost all memory settings, I mean all the
> stored
> > default band vfo's have 0.000.000 in them!  I have to use the n4py
> software
> > to put data into the bands, or enter from the keypad.  This happened 30
> > minutes before the end of the contest. After getting back up, I made one
> > more QSO.
> >
> >
> >
> > 73 Jeff kb2m
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