[TenTec] 560 Problem

William Evans bevans at starband.net
Mon Oct 27 23:09:26 EST 2003

i can use the rig in this manner even without the preamp!  Maybe I do 
not need the preamp after all...  I am learning, after all these years, 
how to properly use a rig.  Now to brush up my CW....or to find a 
program which will allow me to connect my computer to the key in jack, 
since my ability to type is so much better than my ability to write....
On Monday, October 27, 2003, at 08:53  PM, Paul Valko - W8KC wrote:

> Bill,
> You'll want to look at the preamplifier section of the radio.  
> Although I
> have to admit it will be a challenge until you call the fellows in
> Sevierville and order up their outstanding owners manual.
> By the way... the rig works best (and that means better than virtually 
> any
> multi-thousand buck rig from our friends in Japan) with the preAmp 
> OFF, audio UP, and RF gain turned down.  No foolin'
> 73! =paul= W8KC
> Collector of Ten*Tecs and other fine plastics.
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> Subject: [TenTec] 560 Problem
>> I purchased a 560 (Corsair One) recently, and do not have the manual 
>> to
>> go with it.  Everything seems to work except for the receive RF
>> amplifier.  When I push in the knob and the RF amp light comes on, the
>> signals are attenuated about 10-15 S units.  Instead of amplified, the
>> signals are attenuated to the point of not hearing anything but hiss.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions of where to look?  Any help will be
>> greatly appreciated.
>> w4ish
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