[TenTec] Wish the sidetone volume stayed constant

Ron royalct at inr.net
Thu Jan 1 10:13:52 EST 2004

Just what is the best way of getting WHITE paint (what kind) on the Orion's
MIC, PH, and CW jacks on the lower left side of the front panel without
getting it every other place.  I've already stuck my headphones in the CW

Ron ........ NU1U

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I 'spect there's a really easy way to get an Orion in mauve, just right to
match all the Victorian decor ham shacks. Ask Scott how many make a
production run, find enough people who want or need a mauve Orion and are
willing to pay the base price plus a reasonable surcharge for the privelege
of owning one, and place a guaranteed order. With the usual 100 % payment by
irrevokable letter of credit. 

Personally, the widder's weeds my Orion wears has been growing on me. Basic
black wears pretty well on the rig. Although I am going to stop by the hobby
store and pick up a Testors paint pen in white so I don't plug the key into
the headphone jack again. It got awfully quiet around here at 2:00 AM local
time a few mornings ago! 
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