[TenTec] Orion issues

Al Baker w5iz at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 9 16:32:32 EST 2004

I have read this thread with great interest and want to say I love my Orion.  It is a thinking person's radio...and I have been forced to reengage my brain when operating it.  I have also enjoyed all the helpful hints on getting the most out of it as posted by W4ZV, W4PA and others.
We have all experienced TenTec's committment to continue to refine the software incorporating the appropriate suggestions of users.  It is clear they will continue to do so.
I for one would not swap the receiver for any other radio on the market...despite its few quirks.
I was confused by a post from Jack Burchfield, recently about the 
suggestions posted on the reflector...I have not seen a similar comment from Scott or Paul at TenTec.
73 de Al W5IZ


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