[TenTec] Re Peg discontinued

Rob Atkinson, K5UJ k5uj at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 11 00:15:50 EST 2004

<<<I does however surprise me a little that TT is
discontinuing the Peg since it does share such high
degree of parts/design commonality with the Jupiter.
The additional marginal costs for the unique to the
Pegasus parts I would think are rather low. The
Jupiter after all is more or less just a superset of
the Pegasus.>>>

I think it was basically a business decision.  If a product ain't selling, 
making more of it is a money sink.  You can't have 100* Pegs sitting around 
taking up space indefinitely.  You eventually wind up blowing them out and 
eating the loss because the longer you carry something in inventory the 
lower the return becomes.  It just wasn't selling (in sufficient quantities) 
after the Jupiter came out.

Rob Atkinson

*100 may or may not be a TT production run--that's a guess on my part.

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