[TenTec] Twenty meter Ten-Tec Users Net

Edward Crawford w4wvw at msn.com
Mon Jan 19 23:37:36 EST 2004

Good evening to the Ten-Tec faithful!

Once again we are operating the 20 meter net with our minimum legal allowance of 3 net control stations to keep the net going.

WB8ZSK Bruce in MI has come on board in the last few weeks and has really done a bang up job as net control. He has really 
carried more than his share of the load recently and his efforts are certainly appreciated. We offered him more money but he declined.
I think he enjoys it, though. Thanks, Bruce and keep up the good work.

We still have KI0II Ron in CO and myself, W4WVW Ed here in NC (and btw yes our Panthers are going to the super bowl. unbelievable!)
Three people should not be allowed to have so much fun all to themselves.

We would like to make a plea to the group for any additional stations who would be interested in taking an occasional turn as net control on the 20 meter Ten-Tec net. Eight ncs's would be an ideal situation but we will be happy to have as many or as few volunteers as we can get. I guarantee it is a lot of fun and it is not that big a deal to spend an hour or so once a month or every few weeks to do the net and the schedule is very flexible. Someone is always willing to trade weeks or just step in if someone else is not available that Sunday. We have been keeping it going for over a year now and I enjoy it more each time I get to do it. Just don't want to get to do it too often, knowwhatimean? It just doesn't pay very much.

We would love to have one of you lucky new Orion owners to join us as net control. I know if I were driving one of those big rigs, I would jump at the chance to put it on the net and showcase it's talents once in a while. We would also welcome owners of any other Ten-Tec rigs as well.

Anyone who is interested may contact me off the list or on the list or I'm good on QRZ or by smoke signals, I don't care. Even better, you could contact me on the net! We would love to hear more of you fine folks on the net if it is just to stop by and say hello.

For those that don't know, the net meets each Sunday on 14.329 at 21:30Z when standard time is in effect (now), and at 20:30Z during daylight savings time. I know some of you don't observe daylight savings time and I hate it for you, but I don't know what to say about that.

We will look forward to hearing from all of you, and thanks for everyone who has shown their support on the net and made it so enjoyable.
Without you it would not be a net, it would just be us. And where else can you collectively show your support for some of the finest products
to still be made here in the USA... no offense meant to anyone living elsewhere.

Thanks for your time and for the opportunity to be able to post this message.
Later. 73. Ed/w4wvw 
w4wvw at msn.com<mailto:w4wvw at msn.com> 

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