[TenTec] Orion and PSK - duplicate PSK signal

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Tue Jan 20 10:18:01 EST 2004

At 05:33 PM 1/19/04 -0500, you wrote:

> > Once I set the Audio to Left>Main, there was no need for any additional
> > attenuation and everything looks fine.
>This is one of my beefs with the Orion. The radio has extensive audio
>routing options for the audio from either receiver to the headphones or
>speaker, but there way to select which audio goes to the AUX jack pins
>(there are 2) on the back and the audio to either of those pins is not
>intuitively related to the front panel audio routing. You would think that
>TT would provide audio routing options for the AUX jack, but from what I've
>been told there is no hardware to provide that routing.  Sounds like a
>pretty major oversight in a TOL rig.


I'm confused - the AUX I/O outputs left and right are the same
as selected with the AUDIO menu.  Whatever you select on the
audio menu for Left: and Right: appear at the AUX output left
side on pin 4, right side on pin 6, just as they appear through the
headphones.  Did I miss something here (not being sarcastic)?
What did you find not intuitive about this?

Scott Robbins, W4PA

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