[TenTec] Found my old Argonaut 505 in the attic. Need to sell it.

Rick Westerman Rick at dj0ip.de
Thu Jan 29 21:22:37 EST 2004

Bob, by the time you ship it to all 48 states, it's likely to be
pretty beaten up! ;-)

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my entire life was to
sell my Argonaut 509 (+ 405).
I sure wish I had it back.
I used to take it to the beach too:  Isle of Mann, Corsica, Elba,
etc. and then run Field Day contests running off of my
motorcycle's battery.  You can't do that with many rigs these


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Looking for $225 or better offer.
See it and some description here.

thumbnails link to more detail. Note scaling/quality options for

Have the original manual, a photocopy of the 405 amp manual but
no amp,
and a collection of tech notes and magazine articles. Power
supply is a 1A
wall wart. Better than the Ten-Tec specified 10% regulation for
505 supply.


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