Reduced... [TenTec] FS: Corsair I $225 Shipped!!

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Tue Jun 15 17:33:22 EDT 2004

Hi Tim:

Do you do PayPal?  If you do, I want this rig!

73, de Mike, K9UW

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Subject: Reduced... [TenTec] FS: Corsair I $225 Shipped!!

The original buyer changed his mind so the Corsair is still available (at a
reduced price)

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 Corsair I, has the 8 pole first IF filter, no other optional filters.
 Front  panel is very good, the case has some scratches, not real bad, but
are noticeable. Works good, PTO is very smooth, 85-100 watts out depending
the band. Original  manual, no mic, no power cord, but have a spare power
connector kit that I could throw
 in to make a cord. Can send pics to those interested.
 $225 shipped and insured in the lower 48....

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