[TenTec] ALC Indicator

Grant Youngman nq5t at comcast.net
Thu Jun 17 14:02:30 EDT 2004

Certainly might be worth putting a meter on the power supply leads 
and see if anything's untoward there.  As I said in another post, the 
only time I had a problem with the display going blank/dim/crazy 
was the result of a bad power supply (bad pass transistor).


> Thanks to all that responded. I called Ten Tec and they gave me
> another avenue to check. The power supply might be the culprit 
> would make a lot of since because I do not have a display when
> powering up from time to time. All these problems have developed 
> the last week and the operation was flaw less up to that point. 
> I have owned the Orion for less than a month and use it just about
> everyday. My initial impressions are that it is a very good all
> purpose radio. I am not a contester but try to use a radio to the 
> of my abilities. Since this is the first new radio I have bought in 20
> years, (last "new" radio was a TS-830S that is still going strong) I
> was a little nervous about laying out that much money for a radio 
> uses menus..... I have found the menus very easy to navigate and 
> rcvr in this thing is top notch. Full break in QSK is great even
> though I dont use a keyer (I have tried one but always come back 
to a
> bug). The only thing that really irrates me about the radio (besides
> the problems I have been having) is not the radio but the power 
> (TT 963....I think)... The fan in this thing is too loud. I am looking
> to pickup another power supply, espically if it is causing the
> problems I have been having, but would like to ask the good 
people of
> this list on your opinions of
>  avialable quality power supplies for the Orion.....
> v/r Frank (KA4JQZ)
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