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OTAKEBI at aol.com OTAKEBI at aol.com
Sat Jun 19 14:20:27 EDT 2004

Ed, why can't you use the front switch to turn the rig on and off?
I have a Corsair II on an Astron power supply I use the outside pins of the 
plug from the radio that goes to the power supply.
I have an Airpax in line with the power supply.
I turn on the power supply with the power supply switch. 
The Airpax is always on and I turn the switch on the Corsair II to turn the 
rig on.
I have never had a problem.
Am I doing something wrong?
My rigs on off switch was replaced by the first owner with one that clicks on 
and then turns for volume.
Seems TT does not sell the pull out ones anymore.
He told me he did a mode when he replaced the switch that would also let me 
turn on the power supply form the radio safely.
Have you heard of that?
Let me know about this.
It has always puzzled me.
I have an Omni V and was told to always turn that radio off from the radio 
and not to let it turn off by leaving it on and turning off the power supply off.
I was told the slow decay turnoff would harm the radio.
Can I turn off the Omni V with the Airpax?
Any thoughts?

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