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> Normally the power switch on a Corsair is not even connected to the 12
> leads, so you could turn the switch on and off all day and it won't do a
> thing unless it is connected to a Ten-Tec supply. In fact the 4 wire
> supplies won't even turn on unless it is connected to the radio or the two
> center pins or wires are jumpered because the switch in the rig completed
> the circuit. Sounds like your rig has been modded to switch the power from
> the front panel. Maybe the switch he put in is heavy enough to carry the
> current load. As Mike said, the original switch was meant to handle only
> low amperage AC current.
> In my mind and from what I have learned from listening to discussions on
> this reflector is it is safer to switch the power from the Airpax breaker
> AFTER the supply has been turned on and the voltage is stabilized. And as
> you said, you don't want switch the supply off and have the lingering
> voltages as the supply discharges. The breaker is instant on and off.
> I have not owned any of the later Ten-Tec rigs thus far ( Anyone have a
> Jupiter for sale? ) so I can't speak for the Omni V, but I believe the
> switch in those is able to handle the DC current. Someone else will need
> answer that one for sure.
> Later. 73. Ed/w4wvw
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> >Ed, why can't you use the front switch to turn the rig on and off?
> >I have a Corsair II on an Astron power supply I use the outside pins of
> >plug from the radio that goes to the power supply.
> >I have an Airpax in line with the power supply.
> >I turn on the power supply with the power supply switch.
> >The Airpax is always on and I turn the switch on the Corsair II to turn
> >rig on.
> >I have never had a problem.
> >Am I doing something wrong?
> >My rigs on off switch was replaced by the first owner with one that
> >on
> >and then turns for volume.
> >Seems TT does not sell the pull out ones anymore.
> >He told me he did a mode when he replaced the switch that would also let
> >turn on the power supply form the radio safely.
> >Have you heard of that?
> >Let me know about this.
> >It has always puzzled me.
> >I have an Omni V and was told to always turn that radio off from the
> >and not to let it turn off by leaving it on and turning off the power
> >supply off.
> >I was told the slow decay turnoff would harm the radio.
> >Can I turn off the Omni V with the Airpax?
> >Any thoughts?
> >Dan N4VET
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