[TenTec] Question for 526 "6n2" owners

Cliff KD4GT kd4gt at bellsouth.net
Sun Jun 20 23:57:54 EDT 2004

> 1.  Do you also have an S6 birdie at 146.64?  (Unfortunately, it's smack
> on top of the repeater I spend the most time on - when I'm on repeaters.)
Yup - right there. (But you're using a fine rig like this for repeaters?)

> 2.  If you got an early release, did you either a) send the rig back to
> TT for updates to help intermod (and did it help?), and 2) if you did the
> mods yourself, was there anything in addition to replacing 2 SMT
> inductors with discretes?
Dunno about that but maybe I'll drag it alone on my next trip thru TN and
have those fine folks let me know if I got an early or late version. I got
mine used so I don't have a clue. (But then I'm like that on most things -
clueless!!! ;-)

73 de KD4GT

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