[TenTec] E-ham Bad Orion Review

Tommy aldermant at alltel.net
Wed Jun 23 09:17:00 EDT 2004


I certainly think your making the right choice! My Orion is now sitting  on
the floor, having been replaced by a Jupiter and that will soon be replaced
with my old Omni 6. I'll just sit it out until the next firmware update

It is very unfortunate that it does not seem like you can have a technical
discussion about problems with Ten Tec gear, here on the Ten Tec reflector.
It is close to turning into a reflector what if you can't sing praises of
Ten Tec, you  should keep your fingers off your keyboard. Truely sad. Ten
Tec does not need any defense from any of us..they established an excellent
reputation over the years and just because there are still some glitches in
the Orion, certainly doesn't cast a negative spell on a good company. But
seldom does a new 'anything' come out that it is completely bullet proof.
It's just too bad the issues can't be discussed here anymore. The
'ultra-conservative' comment's are more frequent than genuine interest in
discussing an issue and helping to solve it.

Tom - W4BQF

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> > It shouldn't have to be a choice between performance and reliability in
> >price ranges of today's radios. You should get BOTH, "Right out of the
> >I'll go back to observing threads now. 73.  Todd
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> This is essentially what I have said, and people have said I am
> ultra-conservative and should be happy with a Drake 2B and a DX-35 if I
> insist on reliability. I am in favor of advancing the art. I want a
> radio with Orion's receive performance, that does not have the feel and
> smell of a glitchy PC.
> Sometimes when products are released before the technology is mature
> enough, they dissappear for a while, only to return later. Remember
> Quadrophonic Sound in the early 70s. It dissappeared. Now everybody has
> a surround sound home theater system.
> I don't want Ten-Tec, or the Orion to dissappear. With the firmware
> download capability maybe they will get it to be reliable. For now I'm
> happy to wait it out and enjoy my Omni VI.
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