[TenTec] FS: Ten Tec Omni-C model 546 / 243 VFO

NZ8J nz8j at woh.rr.com
Mon May 3 20:18:55 EDT 2004

Very nice condition Omni-C model 546 160-10 meters including warc bands (30
and 17 are activated, 12 needs a xtal to activate)
smooth and stable vfo. Full power out on all bands. Looks and works great
with manual and power cord, no optional filters. $235 shipped and insured

Model 243 VFO for the Omni series radios. Not real pretty, but works perfect
and the vfo is smooth and stable. The numbers are worn off the mode switch,
but the LEDs actually tell you what the mode is. The mode and remote knobs
are not original, but look good. The main tuning knob has some scratches on
the silver part. With manual $75 shipped and insured.

With sell the radio and VFO as a package for $295 shipped and insured


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