[TenTec] New $10K Yaesu HF

Les lesterw at ev1.net
Sun May 16 01:24:31 EDT 2004

Hi folks, I have been watching the reflector now for about six weeks, ever
since I receive my Orion. The tone of discussion in reference to other
manufactures and fellow amateur's that buy other than TenTec is quite
disheartening to me. You see I found my first receiver at the top of a trash
can when I was eight years old. After my parents gave me permission to bring
it home and was able to tune in the BBC off a window screen antenna from
that moment on I  have been forever fascinated with wireless communication.
What I have read here in reference to other brands of radio equipment and
those who buy them is appalling to me. I have a godson who is quite computer
literate and interested in amateur radio. I would no more advise him to look
up this form than I would have him listen to 27 mhz. Because I believe that
a great deal of what goes on here is far from the amateur code of ethics.
The people who taught me radio are now all gone. I am glad they did not live
to see this poor immature display of who has the best toy. They were people
who loved the radio art for what they thought it was meant to be. Those who
have a common interest in the magic of wireless communications and were
happy for all who pursued the art of exploring this science. Never once as a
young ham did I ever hear them degrade another radio operator for his or her
choice in gear. They had what I believe is the true essence of the radio
sprit. For ALL of us to further the radio art to the best of our abilities
together. I came here to learn about the rig I feel is best for me. And to
those that have contributed in that I thank you. Unfortunately a great deal
of what I have read is to me childish and a complete waste of the time it
takes me to delete these messages. I am interested in communications weather
it is with a $4,000.00 Tentec a $10,000.00 dollar Icom, Yaesu or a Trash can
radio. I am recent convert to Tentec and I hope I never close myself off to
others because they have a different choice in rigs than I do. This is my
hobby and I try to enjoy it and help others to do the same regardless of
what type of radio they prefer.

Sincerely WB6DXR...

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